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Emuna News Analysis: No Logical Solution

With Operation Protective Shield escalating fast, the Israeli Government faces a difficult dilemma: how does one stop the rocket fire from Gaza, that has already reached the Tel Aviv area? How does the IDF restore quiet, so that we can go back to normal living?

Retaking Gaza isn’t a tantalyzing alternative, for it could cost us dearly in blood. Besides, who wants to reassume control over 1.5 million Gazans?

A limited war targeting Hamas targets would have limited success in stopping the rocket fire from Gaza and would be drawn out for a long time. Don’t forget, most of Gaza subscribes to Jihad – to holy war. If they don’t affiliate with Hamas, then they belong or sympathize with Al Qaeda, Salafists, the Jihad Islami or such other organization that is determined to wipe Israel off the map.

A ceasefire at this time would be disastrous to Israel’s already waning power of deterrence. Be sure that Iran, Hezbolla and Syria are closely monitoring Israel’s movements in Gaza.

So what do we do? Nothing seems to be a logical solution…

That’s exactly what Hashem is conveying to us. There is no practical or logical solution. The solution is above logic. Hashem wants us to recognize the futility of anything that’s done without His help. He wants the Jewish People to turn to Him en masse. Hashem wants a massive effort in spreading emuna. Once we do that, He’ll solve the problem for us; whatever the IDF will do, they’ll succeed, as long as we understand the spiritual message behind what’s going on, for there’s a purpose in everything Hashem does.

The IDF needs your help! Join Breslev Israel’s wartime effort of spreading emuna, for this is the spiritual support that Israel needs to win the war! Emuna books and CDs are now available at cost, so mobilize now and spread emuna far and wide! If you’d like us to spread the books and CDs for you to IDF soldiers, you can make your tax-deductable donation to the American Friends of Emuna Outreach on the top left-hand toolbar of this site.

Whatever you do, don’t stop praying for the welfare of Israel’s populace and soldiers, may Hashem protect them, amen!

– See more at: http://lazerbrody.typepad.com/lazer_beams/#sthash.cRp0Jv5b.dpuf

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