The Cooking Channel

The Arabic Cooking Channel for Sheep showing how to prepare frozen grass and the Palestinian Arab Sheep complaining

The Cooking Channel…”

The snow has melted, almost.

The Arabie Cooking Channel for Palestinian Sheep

Today’s lesson: Grass Souffle.

Sheepish Fuzzy, “Frozen Grass can be just as nutritious as fresh.”

Sheepish Fuzzy, “And there we have it, “Grass Souffle!”

Audience claps wildly and you hear music in the background.

Sheepish Fuzzy bows and says, “Thank you, and salami.”

Back at a sheep home, brown sheep says,”I think it’s some kind of plot to get us not to complain about our grass freezing.”

White sheep, “Israeli government must be very powerful to control the weather now.”

The Kitty Cooking Channel showing how to prepare Lamb

Page 2:

“perhaps it’s just that the grass freezes during the winter cold snap.”

Brown sheep, “But why not take advantage of this situation and blame the Jews for something?”

White sheep, “Well, I guess you’re right, after all you are the ram in the family.”

Meanwhile back at the Whisker home…

You see a kitty with headphones on looking outside with binoculars.

Agent 26, “This is agent 26 reporting: no sheep activity today on the hill.”

Zot headquarters, “Thank you 26, keep up the good work, over and out.”

Agent 26, “Will do…Roger.”

Kitty starring at the computer, bored.

She’s thinking, “You know it’s cold and boring as all get-out when you watch the cooking channel.”

On monitor it says, “Kitty cooking channel presents.”

You see a cat on the screen talking, “Today we show you how to cook slow-roasted lamb!”

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