The Ham from ZOT: information please

How Mr. Whisker gets his information

besides the internet which is the real news source, we have Mr. Whisker's tooth. Something out of the 1970's SEARCH TV series.

Alien taking photos.
Mr. Whiskers looking at his filling, He thinks: “My filling is going on again.”
Filling: “The Federal Reserve banks have decided to increase inflation of American currency by 15% as they are desperate to pay off debts to Siamese Cats. Big Bankers Case Mice are the enemy of the working poor.”
Mr. Whiskers: “I wonder… if I should put all my money in an Israeli Bank?”
Agent 71: “Oh… They’re so rude though.”
Filling: “Chase Mice has bought off 4 more failing banks in the United States… only the “Big Cats” have survived this year’s banking crisis.”
Fat Cat Banker: “Buy Everything!”
Mr. Whiskers: “I’m thinking of having this darn filling remove.”
Mrs. Whiskers: “Well then go to the Dentist.”
Mr. Whiskers: “then I’d have to actually go to the Dentist.”
Mrs. Whiskers: “I guess you would.”
Agent 71listening to the Filling. Filling: “Laid off squirrels have been seen with picket signs at many businesses today… The unions won’t be satisfied until their demands at Bud’s Market be met. Picketers have been harassing those who dare to cross the line in the parking lots this morning.”
Agent 71: Oh my gosh…. I need to speak directly to 2,4, or 7… Mr. Whisker’s tooth has more to report… American currency inflation at 15%… debt to Siamese Cats. Big Cats Chase Mice banks… Squirrels on strike… Union demands.”
Spice, Mr. Whisker’s daughter: “Why is hammy making so much noise?”
Agent 71: “Eek Eek Squeek Squak.”
Mr. Whiskers: “Oh Well… at least it’s not in video.”
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