Ulpan; Hebrew the easy way!

A day in Ulpan class
Ulpan Teacher: “Yammer,yammer, Le ech bo”
Mr. Whiskers: “What did she say?”
Mrs. Whiskers: “I’m not sure.”
Mr. Whiskers: “Write it all down. I can’t see the backboard.”
Mrs. Whiskers: “I have the tape recorder going, you can listen at home.”
Ulpan Teacher: “Blah blah blah yammer Yammer Lee le ech cha cha cha?” “Mr. Whiskers, Blah Blah Duma?”
Mr. Whiskers: “Oh…Er…Eh…”
Ulpan Teacher: “Infinitive Blah blah le BU” “Now we will take a short break re nezte”
Mr. Whiskers: “I need to see your notes… I can’t see the board and the book’s print is unreadable.”
Mrs. Whiskers: “Have a sandwich.”
Mr. Whiskers: “I feel sick… I have a headache.”
Mrs. Whiskers: “Lets see it’s LBV and M Who he he she Llamu why me who.”
Mr. Whiskers: “My eyes hurt, I’m leaving. I’m going to buy some peanuts.”
Mrs. Whiskers: “I’ll see you later.”
Mr. Whiskers: “I just have one more problem. My back is killing me, my eyes hurt and I think I’m hoing to throw up.”
Our Ulpan class in Jerusalem Israel 12/2010 at the Holy Lands Museum

Our Ulpan class in Jerusalem Israel 12/2010 at the bible Lands Museum

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